Short on Time? Get Fit in just 21 Days!

For most people, the problem with trying to lose weight is a lack of time and energy. If you have a handful of children, a part time or full time job and chores to do around the house never mind helping the kids with homework, it can be almost impossible to find time to go to the gym. Who really has 3 hours to spend packing a bag, jumping in the car, getting dressed, working out for an hour and heading back home after a shower? Maybe single people with no family! But most people don’t have or don’t want to kill that kind of time especially when the majority of time you’re just in transit.

That’s what we love about the 21 day fix workout program.  You will literally be done an intense hardcore workout program after only 21 days and the exercises and workout videos are easy to follow and tough! Who needs to spend hours at the gym when you can get the same results by only working out for 30 minutes? Reviews on the 21 day fix say this program is incredible. There is the first original version and when you conquer that you can try the extreme version. Both are very intense and recommended for people who are somewhat active already. If not, don’t be discouraged.  During the workouts they have a section for beginners as well to follow low intensity versions of the 21 day fix exercises.  The trainer, Autumn Cabrese is both friendly and easy to listen to. That means the world when you’re getting beat up in a tough workout!

The workouts work the entire body using your own physical strength, cardio moves, interval training and the addition of weights and dumbbells to the mix.  You’ll also focus on your abs and core in addition to doing upper thigh and arm training.

If you can commit to a full 3 weeks, you’ll notice amazing differences in your body. The exercises are best used when combined with the 21 day fix containers which help monitor portion control by teaching you how much you should be eating a day. The system includes small containers that you will use as a guide for your meals. You’ll also assess how many calories you should be eating a day and then will follow a calorie bracket plan according to this assessment.

To do the 21 day fix, all you will need are light weights, an exercise mat, a water bottle and a towel. Get prepared to sweat, a lot! The exercises are no joke and even someone who is regularly athletic and exercises daily will find themselves huffing and puffing!  Hope you enjoy them.